DAOAKS. Luxury Footwear

Life's a luxury so live luxuriously

The shoe collections you see here are one of a kind and can only be purchased one time and one time only. Afterwards only the first purchaser can make any official repurchases. This means that after you buy a pair of our shoes you will be the only person in the world to have them. Because here at DAOAKS. we believe that life is a luxury and you should live luxuriously

Our Story

Our mission and goal is to create the perfect luxury. We plan to achieve this by creating the most exclusive shoe collection in the world. Each pair will be one of a kind an exclusive to it's owner. Italian made our footwear is built to last. Created from the finest material that Italy has to offer our collections will complement any style of person from the privileged and sophisticated to the exact opposite. The collections located below are not for sale to the immediate puplic as of now but please join our Black Wolf List at the bottom of this page in order to be informed of their release.

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