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DAOAKS. would like to present to you The B.A.D.


Which simply stands for Branches Of DAOAKS.


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Branch One : DAOAKS. Muzzik Group. Distribution  Division.

Visit this branch and become a member of our underground music distribution division. Also known as DAOAKS. Muzzik. Group. Our concept is simple: Distribute music exclusively using two customized methods known as peer to peer and P.S.G. (Product sale giveaway). The first mixtape seen below will be available for distribution using these methods at an unknown date. You can click here and join our Black Wolf list in order to be informed of that date after it materializes. Click here for more information on how our music is distributed. Click here to listen to the S.T.R.E.E.T.S.


Branch Two: DAOAKS. Free Money.

They say money don't grow on trees but here at DAOAKS. it does. Click here to find out how.


Branch Four: DAOAKS. T-shirt Factory

Enjoy exclusive t-shirt collections materialized from the hearts and minds of all the wonderful people connected to DAOAKS. Our exclusive collections will be available in two places only. Here at DAOAKS.com and Free Money 888 at Facebook.


Branch Four: DAOAKS. Luxury Footwear 

Now this is pure luxury. Each pair of these exclusive shoes will only be available to the first purchaser. After that no more will be made. Click here for exclusive access to more information.


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